I now love hats.

LadyLike Accessories.

My apologies for the lack of posts lately. With the semester starting up and a big performance to kick things off, it’s been a little crazy! But – I am back. And feeling cold.  Living in Ohio the last couple years, I’ve gotten somewhat used to the endless and bitter winters. But one thing I’ve never been able to incorporate into my winters is hats. Maybe it had something to do with having short hair for a while.. but I’ve always hated how fussy hats and headbands were – and what they did to my hair. But I will say that today’s feature is definitely changing my mind one adorable crocheted piece at a time. I love the 1920’s vintage-inspired headpieces, available in eye-catching colors. I might have to change my hat policy and actually stay warm this winter… How crazy would that be? ;D

Meet LadyLike Accessories….

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Your best face forward

Simplicity Cosmetics.

Okay – this one’s for the ladies. Sorry, guys!

I have always been a huge fan of natural products, particularly cosmetics. I’ve always had sensitive skin – but mostly I’m easily creeped out by ingredients I can’t pronounce easily… Magnesiumglycoratiumdioxihylawinglkasnnditseg. Scary. And even though natural make-up has become a normal in department stores, pharmacies, etc… each person has different individual cosmetic needs. Read more about what to look for in natural cosmetics HERE.

I’ll list some of my favorite natural products, just in case you were wondering:

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Physician’s Formula Summer Eclipse Bronzer

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Today’s feature is Simplicity Cosmetics – a line of vegan handmade cosmetics, without any of the scary/weird chemical fuss included. No parabens, no bismuth, no dyes, no cornstarch, no talc, no nano minerals. Just a short list of high-quality ingredients you can pronounce. But what does that mean for you? That means, you get to know exactly what is going on your face. Sarah’s line of cosmetics provides beautiful shades of vegan-friendly lip products, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, bronzer, and more. Not sure if this is for you? Or maybe you’re not sure what color works best with your skin tone. Not to worry. You can order little sets of samples at her Etsy store. And judging by the 100% customer satisfaction rating, I don’t think you’ll be doubtful for very long.

Meet Simplicity Cosmetics…

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We fly like paper

LBC Paper.

If you’re anything like me, you really love great stationery. In fact, if  you’re like me, you’ll look inside your desk drawer and find that you have different types of thank-you cards, blank notes, letterhead, seals, and a ton of envelopes that probably matched something at some point…  LBC Paper is today’s feature.  The artist: Leah Copplestone.  Her specialty: Paper! Leah creates handmade stationery, paper decor, journals, magnets, spools, pushpins, and other colorful paper products.  Her colorful paper flower (pictured) is made from different pages of a children’s encyclopedia (intentionally chosen to create a yellow hue). Each individual petal is placed strategically, and the whole thing is glued to a powerful magnet. It is really an explosion of texture and color. These flowers are also available as pushpins and ornaments. She will also take custom orders, in case you’re looking for a specific color. Another fun fact: If you can guess Leah’s middle name, she’ll refund 25% of the order back to you. Visit her Etsy site for the hint.

Meet  LBC paper….

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A cut above

Mako Cutting Boards.

Today’s post is dedicated to all of my incredible friends who feed me delicious food on a regular basis. Duck confit. Homemade gnocchi. Freshly baked bread. Eggplant gratin. Guinness chocolate cake. The list could go on and on and on. My friends are terrific cooks – they love food. I eat well. In the last few years, I’ve started expanding my cookware. Good looking + long lasting = what I like. So naturally, I fell in love with these beautiful cutting boards. Made of quality woods like cherry and maple , these boards mean business. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re way easy on the eyes. Gorgeous silhouette and terrific finish.  Some great features: rubber feet for added stability & groove outlining the board to catch juice/crumbs before they hit your counter. The smaller ones are great for serving, too!  There are a few designs (pictured below) – just as gorgeous. How could anyone not want to prepare their food on something so happy?

Meet  Mako Cutting Boards….

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that warm&fuzzy feeling…


A few days ago, I learned how to make needle-felted wool animals: read about my attempt here.  These little guys might make you smile, but they are not the easiest to make. In all honesty, my very first attempt at needle-felting ended up being a blue lumpy something – we’ll call it a storm cloud… I was unable to salvage it. I thought you should meet the pros. The Woolettes create handmade gifts felted from wool – including animals (pictured) and wonderful seasonal items.  One of the frustrations I faced when making Peep was making sure that the outer surface was smooth (without any unsightly bumps). Not an issue here – everything looks like it’s made out of cotton candy.  I know my littlest students would absolutely be in love with these little guys.  This family team takes custom requests – so don’t worry, there’s an unlimited supply of cute to go around.

Meet the Woolettes….

Your name? We are Bob & Sandy Ouellette and Julie Ouellette Earp – a father, mother and daughter team.

How did you get started?  We have always been interested in handcrafts and ran a small business from our home in the 70s.  We sold to local shops and retailers in Boston. Several years ago, Julie saw a book with needle felting projects and suggested that Sandy try it out, and make some gifts for her grandchildren.  Bob, who had recently retired, decided to resume his interest in rug hooking which his mother had done, and also started making gifts for family and friends.  Julie was more focused on papercrafting – invitations and party decorations for her children, but started doing more rug hooking after her oldest started elementary school.  Two years ago, our church had a craft fair, we decided to participate and Woolettes was born.  We started selling at a local retailer and participated in a larger juried craft fair in Woodstock, VT.  Shortly thereafter, we opened our shop on Etsy.

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Just a spoonful of sugar

Diament Designs.

While roaming around aimlessly during my first few days of Etsy, I stumbled upon Diament Designs. Within five seconds, I had added a handful of these sweet pieces to my wish list – like this and this and this.  Someone buy me all of these, please.  If I were to stumble upon this jewelry at a boutique or department store, there’s no way I would guess that these were made by hand.  As a very very very part-time jewelry maker, I am impressed.  The craftsmanship? Meticulous. Little vintage trinkets? So whimsical! Diament Designs finds that great balance of vintage and modern.  And then add some sprinkles, bunnies and rainbows. Yeah, it’s that charming.

Meet  Diament Designs….

Your name? 
Libby Diament

How did you get started? I started making jewelry in college as a hobby. Little by little I accumulated a lot of supplies so I decided to sell some things to co-workers. The company that I worked for at the time, Estee Lauder, paid for me to attend jewelry school at night as part of their benefit package. From there I did a few small craft shows and got into my first boutique. I also started my Etsy account and received some initial sales, and got excited to make more! So basically I just slowly and steadily got things moving and growing!

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30ByHand Challenge – #1

Tis the season for resolutions, right? Well I’ve decided.. this year I will attempt…


30 new skills. 52 weeks.

Here’s the rundown: They have to be projects the I have never attempted before. I cannot buy kits with all of the supplies included. I’ll probably be elated or incredibly frustrated. But every week or so, I’ll be documenting every success and failure.  Good or bad, you’ll see it.  All of this will be with the help of a few of my friends, of course 🙂

30ByHand #1….

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Baby it’s cold outside

Anaid Designs.

I have always been a scarf junkie. Ask anyone who has ever met me – I am wearing some kind of a scarf 99.99999% of the time.  Whenever I move to a new apartment, I struggle to find a place for all of my scarves… I have a problem. So naturally, when I stumbled upon Anaid, I had to stop myself from squealing with happiness. I am in love with these luxurious, thick, warm scarves. It’s like looking at freshly-baked cookies.  These scarves are beautifully and neatly constructed (judging by the high-quality pictures and 100% customer satisfaction rating) – it’s pretty clear that many hours have been spent, really perfecting the art of knitting. But what do I really love about these scarves? Unconventional design. It’s not your typical wrap-around pashmina, or your hipster-friendly triangle scarf.  Adorned with gold buttons and wooden beads, these scarves are multi-functional in the best ways possible: stay warm in your monstrously huge scarf + look perfectly uniquely adorably put together. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… She’ll take custom orders!

Meet  Anaid Designs….

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s…

Nerd Dollz.

Yes, as a comic book lover, these are easily the cutest crocheted dolls I’ve ever seen. But what really impresses me is the meticulous attention to detail. Superman’s iconic curl of hair falling into his face, Avatar’s little white freckles (or was it face paint? could never tell…), Harry Potter’s red and gold tie. These tiny little tiny details, paired with superb craftsmanship, make Nerd Dollz adorably unique.

Meet Nerd Dollz…

Your name? Shannon Nix

How did you get started? My daughters. They are into nerdy things – we have one room in our house just filled with all sorts of collectibles from movies, comic books, and so on. One day they asked if I could make dolls for them – Harley Quinn & Harry Potter. They loved them so much, and I had so much fun making them. I thought, why not try some others out?

Other than making stuff – what do you do? I used to teach, but now I’m a stay at home grandma. LOVING IT – Watching my granddaughter and working full time on my NerdDollz. I spend a lot of time on them. I’m currently getting ready for an upcoming comic con.

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